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Date Added: August 18, 2016
Location: West Bend, Wisconsin
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On-Site Lease

I am considering leasing out my mare Dove while I am at school. Dove is a 14 year old warmblood that is very sweet and loving. She has many amazing qualities such as schooling 1st level dressage, amazing ground work abilities, and gives her heart to a rider she gets to know. She is also very good off the farm at shows. She goes on trails pretty well with other horses but gets excited coming back but all she does is tries to trot. She is a very sturdy mare and has no health issues. However, Dove is NOT a beginner horse. She spooks and has moments where she is very strong and hot. She will absolutely need a strong, quiet, and confident rider. I’m thinking about $250 a month and helping with grain and supplement costs. On site lease ONLY! We love it at Western Trails Equestrian Center in Allenton, WI. Thanks!


On-Site Lease


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