Horse Leasing FAQ

Q: What is horse leasing?

A: Horse leasing is when you pay to use a horse, but you don’t own the horse.

Q: What’s a half lease?

A: A half lease is a common arrangement where you share the use of a horse with another person. A half lease is less expensive than a full lease, but your riding may be limited to certain days of the week.

Q: How much does it cost to lease a horse?

A: The cost of leasing a horse varies widely and depends on a multitude of factors including where the horse is boarded, how much training the horse has, the breed and age of the horse, what disciplines the horse is trained in, and many many more.

Q: What is the option to buy?

A: A horse offered for lease may be offered with an option to buy. This simply means that the horses owner is open to selling the horse. Terms should ideally be discussed and agreed upon before you begin leasing.

Q: What kind of experience do I need to have before I can lease a horse?

A: That depends on the owner’s requirements but if you don’t have much experience handling or riding horses just be up front about that from the start. We’ve all been there and it’s likely that before leasing to you they will evaluate your skills by having you groom, saddle, and ride under their supervision. If your honest about it you’ll feel more comfortable and can ask for help when your unsure about something.