HFL Website FAQ’s

Q: How do I edit my ad?

A: Delete and repost text ads, if you have a paid ad, email updates to info@horsesforlease.com

Q: How do I remove my ad?

A: In the activation email sent when you posted the ad there is also a link to delete your ad. If you have lost or accidentally deleted this email you can email us and we can delete the ad for you.

Q: How can I add photos after I posted an ad without photos?

A: Just create a new ad with photos and then delete the previous ad using the link in your activation email.

Q: I can’t post an ad with photos

A: Some images may be extraordinarily large. Try reducing image size. Also the only formats we currently accept for images are .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, and .png. If you have any problems with images not loading please let us know.

Q: I posted an ad, but it’s not showing up.

A: Before your ad is published you must click on the activation link sent to your email.

Q: Why didn’t I get an activation email?

A: Our system normally sends activation emails within a minute or two. If you haven’t gotten yours yet there’s a good chance that your email provider has placed the message in your junk mail folder.