• horse leasing faq
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    HFL Website FAQ’s

    Q: How do I edit my ad? A: Delete and repost text ads, if you have a paid ad, email updates to info@horsesforlease.com Q: How do I remove my ad? A: In the activation email sent when you posted the ad there is also a …

  • Horses For Lease Color
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    Is a “Free” Lease More Expensive than a Full Lease?

    Without knowing any specifics you may be surprised to learn that free leasing a horse can actually be more expensive than full leasing. is a free lease more expensive than a full lease?The term “free lease” is loosely used and can have multiple meanings. Because …

  • horse teeth floating
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    What is Floating a horses teeth?

    I’d heard of floating before, but never had a real idea what floating teeth meant or why a horse needed to have its teeth “floated”. The word float didn’t give me much of an idea either, but after my mares last vet check I was …

  • report scams
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    Report scammers on the FBI’s IC3 website

    Take action to stop scammers! What can you do? Please use this websites flagging feature to report suspicious ads and potential scams to the website administrator(s). We take all reports seriously and will look into your report and take appropriate action with the information you …

  • stall cleaning tool
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    Mechanical Cleaning Screen makes Stall Cleaning a Breeze

    I too have picked through deep bedding and shoveled out macerated yuck(that had to be pitched every day). I don’t have many fond memories of cleaning stalls, but while at it I had plenty of time to think about what techniques or tools might speed …

  • harness racing accident
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    Harness Racing Accident

    A very bad horse racing accident occurred at Freehold Raceway in Central New Jersey last week. Onlookers were shocked as the pace vehicle spun out of control and crashed into 7 horses, drivers, and carts trailing behind the pacer before the start of the race.

  • 50 cent sawhorse roping dummy plans
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    Make a Sawhorse Roping Dummy – Free DIY Plans – Our 50 Cent Roping Dummy

    How to make a sawhorse roping dummy Whether you do calf roping, team roping, or ranch roping repetitive daily practice is the best way to become proficient at roping. A roping dummy is the way to go for your dry work. We came up with …

  • green horse
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    Top 10 Horse Leasing Mistakes

    There’s a lot to learn when you start leasing a horse for the first time. The questions you ask and decisions you make when evaluating a horse to lease will hopefully bring forth a positive life enriching experience, but a few missed steps can ruin …

  • Identify the Parts of a Horse

    Ever wondered what flexing at the poll meant, or where exactly were the withers and forelock? Then this is the article for you! Equine external anatomy & parts of a horse will serve as a quick reference guide for you. Horse Parts: Terms Definition back: …

  • Horse Leasing 101: The Option-to-Buy

    Leasing a horse is a wonderful option, but what happens if you start to get attached and want to buy your leased horse at some point? If you don’t have an option-to-buy arrangement in place beforehand it’s all up to the horse’s owner. If you’ve …

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