Looking for an offsite lease

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AD#: 4361
Date Added: July 22, 2016
Location: Wixom, Michigan
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Looking for an offsite lease

Looking for an offsite lease horse! The barn I currently take lessons at and onsite lease has had a few recently opened stalls, so I was looking for an offsite lease horse. I am mainly a Western rider, but have been trying my hand at English recently. I am looking for an all around horse. Would prefer Quarter, Appaloosa, or Paint horse. I Would prefer not to jump, but if owner wants horse to jump I can take lessons in it. I would love a horse I could take out on the trails, but if owner doesn’t want me to I won’t. I do not game currently, but am interested in it. I don’t really want some fancy show horse, just more of a fun horse to just go out and ride. No stallions. Would really love if horse is trained for cutting, as my current lease horse is.


Looking for an offsite lease


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