Thoroughbred Gentleman for Half Lease

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Date Added: May 23, 2017
Location: Westfield, Massachusetts
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Thoroughbred Gentleman for Half Lease

A very well rounded Gentleman! Feuer pronounced “Fire” is a 13-year-old New York bred thoroughbred gelding. I have been Feuer’s owner, caregiver, friend, trainer, and partner in crime for over 11 years. We have traveled most of America together, living all over the east coast and even Colorado. This horse has worked hourly jobs as my personal trail guide horse for multiple years. He has also been used for many types of lessons and pony birthday parties. That type of work has made Feuer excellent mannered and a very reliable. He has been exposed to unlimited amounts of situations including but not limited to: other horses, children, adults, exotic animals, common animals, inclement weather conditions, jumps both in and out of an arena, vehicles, tractor trailers, riding alongside moving trains, and all different types of terrain. I as a rider have never formally ridden in any one discipline and my horse‚Äôs behaviors reflect that. This horse does NOT care which saddle the rider chooses to ride in. Feuer can be ridden bareback and with a double rider (although I prefer no doubles). He is comfortable with all saddles and saddle rigging including a crupper. I typically ride Feuer in a side pull or a light duty English Snaffle type bit. This horse is too sensitive to be ridden in any type of bit/bridle that is heavy or aggressive. Feuer knows his ABC’s of training like lounging both on a line and free style in a round pen. This horse loves to just be saddled and ridden, no warm ups



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