Good lease person or home wanted.

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Date Added: May 9, 2017
Location: Hampden, Massachusetts
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Good lease person or home wanted.

Jazz is 11 years old……has been with me her whole life and the only reason I am seeking a home for her is financial…..senior widow running out of money. Jazz is easy to get along with even though she sometimes has “mare moods” as we all do. She has had tons of ground work and is trained very well under saddle. The only thing she has not had is a lot of miles put on her because for various reasons I no longer show or put in long hours riding. She is a beautiful mare with outstanding conformation, a beautiful mover and rides very well. She is a natural “old fashioned” pleasure horse. She has a natural head carriage and I don’t want her going to a “modern day pleasure mode”. If someone would want to show Jazz, her perfect prospective classes would be halter, showmanship, trail, ranch pleasure and country pleasure.

The home I am seeking for her will be with a woman with the financial and emotional means to give her the care, time and attention that she is used to. She loves to do things with her “person”. The person I am looking for could afford to buy her horse and can certainly afford to care for her horse and would recognize the significance of my heartbreaking decision to give away a horse of this caliber.

I will want some sort of trial period to be sure the relationship works for both mare and person and it would



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