Make a Sawhorse Roping Dummy – Free DIY Plans – Our 50 Cent Roping Dummy

50 cent sawhorse roping dummy plans

How to make a sawhorse roping dummy

Whether you do calf roping, team roping, or ranch roping repetitive daily practice is the best way to become proficient at roping. A roping dummy is the way to go for your dry work. We came up with the simplest most inexpensive and easy to build roping dummy we could and are sharing how to make it here.

Ours cost only 50 cents! The saw horse from a yard sale and other materials found in our garage.

Disclaimer: Observe all recommended safety precautions, use gloves and eye protection when working with tools, especially when drilling or cutting. Use of these plans and instructions is solely allowed by adults and at your own risk of injury or bodily harm!!

Required materials:

Old wood sawhorse
One foot of 2×4
Bungee cord
Two feet of 1″ aluminum tubing

Tools required:

1″ wood boring bit

A. Making the head

inexpensive roping dummies

1. Mark and drill a 1” hole thru the side of the 1 foot 2×4 centered 1.25”(1 and ¼) from either end. Try to keep this hole as straight and true as possible. This is the hole the horns will slide into

2. Butt the end of a 2×4, 3” from the same end and trace an outline to be cut out

tracing to cut out head of dummy

3. Drill a 1” hole in the corners, then cut from hole to hole to make a rectangular opening with a jigsaw

4. Trace and cut out a nose on the opposite end to your liking

5. Slide 1″ aluminum tube thru the 1” hole

6. Bend the horns as desired by whatever means available. We used the trailer hitch on my truck

bending the horns on your diy steer head

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