On Site Co-Lease in Sarasota, Florida

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AD#: 5745
Date Added: March 10, 2022
Location: Sarasota, Florida
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On Site Co-Lease in Sarasota, Florida

I would like to co-lease my handsome Rocky Mountain gaited gelding boarded at Saddle Creek Trail, Sarasota, FL. He is 15 years old, approximately 16 hands, chocolate with blonde mane, tail and forelock. He can be ridden English or Western and is good for rides in the pasture or on trails. I refer to him as gentle with spirit. He is smart and responds well to corrections. I am asking $300 a month which is far below what local boarding barns are getting! I believe it would be best for a moderately experienced gaited horse rider to apply. Lessons are available at the barn where he is boarded. You will fall in love with him!



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