Looking to Work in Exchange for Lease/Lessons

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Date Added: May 20, 2016
Location: Orlando, Florida
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Looking to Work in Exchange for Lease/Lessons

Hi! I’m 13 years old and just left a stable that made a terrible first impression, so I am unfortunately on the look-out again. I am good with horses, and can do basic barn chores such as mucking, tacking up, tacking off, bathing, lunging, grooming, etc. I’m experienced with walking, trotting and just started cantering before I left an abusive stable, so I need to warm back up slowly as it’s been two years I’m looking now. I started riding again a few weeks ago, but that stable wasn’t the right fit either. I’m looking to lease in Orlando, around the Lake Mary area if possible, but I’m willing to go a bit out of range. I’m available most weekends, and depending on the distance, Wednesday and possibly other weeknights. I’ve trained weanlings before, like getting them used to human command, halter training, lifting their hooves, etc., so I’m able to train foals as well. I’m looking to work in exchange for leasing and lessons at a laid back facility, preferably with trails, but that’s not a requirement.
Thank you so much for your consideration!


Looking to Work in Exchange for Lease/Lessons


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