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    HFL Website FAQ’s

    Q: How do I edit my ad? A: Delete and repost text ads, if you have a paid ad, email updates to Q: How do I remove my ad? A: In the activation email sent when you posted the ad there is also a …

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    Is a “Free” Lease More Expensive than a Full Lease?

    Without knowing any specifics you may be surprised to learn that free leasing a horse can actually be more expensive than full leasing. is a free lease more expensive than a full lease?The term “free lease” is loosely used and can have multiple meanings. Because …

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    Top 10 Horse Leasing Mistakes

    There’s a lot to learn when you start leasing a horse for the first time. The questions you ask and decisions you make when evaluating a horse to lease will hopefully bring forth a positive life enriching experience, but a few missed steps can ruin …

  • Horse Leasing 101: The Option-to-Buy

    Leasing a horse is a wonderful option, but what happens if you start to get attached and want to buy your leased horse at some point? If you don’t have an option-to-buy arrangement in place beforehand it’s all up to the horse’s owner. If you’ve …

  • Horse Leasing FAQ

    Q: What is horse leasing? A: Horse leasing is when you pay to use a horse, but you don’t own the horse. Q: What’s a half lease? A: A half lease is a common arrangement where you share the use of a horse with another …