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  • horse teeth floating
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    What is Floating a horses teeth?

    I’d heard of floating before, but never had a real idea what floating teeth meant or why a horse needed to have its teeth “floated”. The word float didn’t give me much of an idea either, but after my mares last vet check I was …

  • stall cleaning tool
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    Mechanical Cleaning Screen makes Stall Cleaning a Breeze

    I too have picked through deep bedding and shoveled out macerated yuck(that had to be pitched every day). I don’t have many fond memories of cleaning stalls, but while at it I had plenty of time to think about what techniques or tools might speed …

  • Identify the Parts of a Horse

    Ever wondered what flexing at the poll meant, or where exactly were the withers and forelock? Then this is the article for you! Equine external anatomy & parts of a horse will serve as a quick reference guide for you. Horse Parts: Terms Definition back: …