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We’re glad you found us! Leasing a horse can be a wonderful experience and it’s a great alternative to owning. Learn more about horse leasing, then find horses for lease near you.

From the browse ads page enter your city, state OR ZIP to find horses for lease near your location. The results display distance(in miles and kilometers) from your location. If you don’t provide a location, the most recent ads are shown.

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Use our interactive horses for lease map to see where ads are posted. On the map each ad is indicated by a colored map marker that indicates how old the ad is. Click on the map markers for more details about the ad including owner contact info.


View all ads in a particular state, province or region. View the regions page to find links to these state/province/region pages.

Our Top 10 most popular regions are:

  1. Texas
  2. Virginia
  3. Illinois
  4. Pennsylvania
  5. Colorado
  6. Michigan
  7. Ohio
  8. Tennessee
  9. Wisconsin
  10. Florida

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